About Us

About Us

RXSoil is an environmental service company that provides on-site solutions for Saltwater impacted and distressed soils. Our process utilizes advanced chemistry that yields permanent results, for a fraction of the cost of conventional dig-and-haul operations.

  • RXSoil remediates distressed soils using advanced non-aggressive products.
  • On-site solutions with minimum interference to the local environment;
  • Advanced environmentally friendly proprietary products;
  • Reduced timeframe;
  • Cost effective permanent solution;
  • Remediation for Oilfield Operations and Farmlands.

The Sodic Soil Environmental Threat

RXSoil focuses on the solution for one of the major environmental problems in the US today: Sodium and Chloride Contaminated Soils.

Brine production is inherent to the production of oil & gas. When it reaches the soil, the brine renders the affected area into desertification. Each year, 20 – 30 billion barrels of brine are generated by oil & gas onshore E&P activity in the lower 48 states. This is 70 times the volume of all liquid hazardous wastes generated in the U.S. combined.

The E&P activity in the US is over 100 years, old infrastructure is specially vulnerable to the corrosiveness of brine. Historical contaminations also need to be addressed, due to the risk of spreading the affected area. The brine ranges in salinity from a few thousand to 463,000 TDS PPM (Total Dissolved Solids) (Parts Per Million).